The solar power plants designed and built by Hyperion Energy, are extremely environmentally friendly. Using the sun as the heat source we not only avoid harmful CO2- and nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions, but also protect the environment through a number of other measures.

Since sunny regions are usually in short supply of valuable fresh water, we strive to minimize water usage. By using air-cooled condensers and smart mirror washing systems, we can reduce consumption by about 90 % compared to other power generation systems. Furthermore, by avoiding potentially environmentally harmful heat carriers such as thermal oils and salt, Hyperion Energy’s power plants do not pose a hazard in case of spills.

But we conserve our natural resources in other ways as well: As our plants produce electricity around the clock, they must not be powered up as often as conventional solar power plants, saving a large part of natural gas used during plant startup. Finally, the building materials used are almost exclusively glass, steel and concrete, which, after the lifetime of the power plants, can be completely recycled.