Our power plants can be used worldwide and are subject to review for each location based on local solar irradiation and market conditions. Due to their high flexibility, we can thereby respond to the needs of the local power grid and achieve the highest possible efficiency for each site.

Affordable electricity costs associated with short payback times and a long lifetime of the power plants present a low investment risk. Furthermore, we will, as is customary in green power generation concepts, negotiate power purchase agreements with our international customers, that regulate both the minimum amounts of energy purchased as well as a fixed, non-market related remuneration. This reduces the investment risk even further.

We have developed a concept which will revolutionize the global energy market. But this requires, of course, like all great projects, capital. Therefore we are looking for investors who share our vision and together with us want to enable a sustainable energy supply for the future. We would like to present to you the power generating concept of the future - we look forward to hearing from you!