Our power plants use solar irradiation reflected off large mirror fields, or heliostats, which focus the light to a central receiver. The latter is located at the top of a tower in the middle of the solar field and heats up to approximately 1,000°C (1,800°F). The heat gets transmitted as water steam through pipes into patented storage system. It consists of an innovative combination of materials, characterized by a high temperature resistance and high thermal capacity. Thereby, the energy can be stored up to one year with only slight losses.

Using water and steam, heat can now be extracted from the storage system and supplied to a conventional power plant cycle. With peak temperatures and pressures of up to 550°C (1,000°F) and 150 bar (2,175 PSI) the resulting steam is supplied to a turbine generator for electricity generation. The high steam parameters enable Hyperion Energy’s power plants to better utilize the solar energy with minimized conversion losses. Through decoupling solar flux and electricity generation, the plants are highly flexible and can quickly adapt to short-term load changes without problems

By using high-resolution solar data we adjust the dimensioning of all solar system and power plant components individually to each project. This makes it possible for us to always achieve the greatest possible efficiency, while ensuring reliable daily and seasonal supply of electricity.