Hyperion Energy is a developer of next-generation solar thermal power plants. Using proprietary technology, our power plants will produce electricity around the clock, summer and winter, therefore decoupling solar input and power output. The plants are so economical that the electricity can be sold at current market prices, thus providing a green and reliable alternative to existing fossil powered systems.

In order to achieve maximum economic benefit, we have designed and patented our own energy storage system. It can store heat more effectively than current technologies for prolonged periods of time at a fraction of current cost. Any daytime solar overproduction can be stored for use at night or during times of low solar irradiation, providing a flexibility not present in current solar energy systems. By customizing the various solar components and our storage system for each individual application, the cost of electricity production is optimized and standard market electricity prices are achieved.

With us, green electricity is finally becoming a real alternative for large power utilities and industrial companies: The solar energy produced by us can in sunny regions be provided just as inexpensively and reliably as energy from fossil or nuclear fuels.

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