The idea for Hyperion Energy emerged from the vision of a sustainable and economical energy supply. We understand that green energy is too expensive and unreliable today to meet the needs of a modern society. For this reason we have developed a concept to supply affordable, around the clock available, green electricity.

As we grow, we do not want to limit ourselves to the electricity market: Our solar power plants produce heat in large quantities, with which not only electricity but also hydrogen or gasoline substitutes can be produced. The heat can also be delivered directly to nearby large customers in the manufacturing industry. We will supply energy to all three sectors of the energy industry – electricity, heat and transport – in order to ensure a cleaner and ecologically sustainable environment.

To support emerging nations and societies, we plan to invest especially in structurally weak regions, so they do not need to turn to fossil fuels in their quest for prosperity. We hope that this will greatly contribute to global climate protection to afford and allow following generations a better future.